"On several occasions, I have enlisted Mark's services for various investigative tasks, such as process service, witness interviews, or criminal background research.  Mark performs his work professionally, timely, and with integrity.  Mark's experience with the Colorado legal system has proven invaluable, as his work has directly led to positive results for my clients.  Mark knows where to look, and what to look for.  I wholeheartedly would recommend utilizing Mark's professional services when the need arises."
- Jonathan Datz of The Datz Law Firm, PC, Broomfield, CO 


"I strongly endorse Mark Carlson for his superior work as a private investigator. I have utilized Mr. Carlson’s professional services in several very complicated and serious criminal cases in the past.  I have always been very pleased with his comprehensive and thorough work on my cases. Few investigators have Mark’s exceptional ability to obtain interviews, formulate the right questions, and then draft timely accurate reports.  More than just witness interviews, I have utilized Mark’s significant criminal law experience in formulating, modifying and delivering winning defense theories at trial. Mark has achieved an exceptional reputation within the defense community because of his significant body of defense work.  On several occasions, Mark has identified serious issues which were overlooked by prosecutors and detectives that became focal points for jury acquittals.  Similarly, Mark has often identified serious problems with defense witnesses that proved critical in defending substantial criminal allegations. There are not many investigators who I recommend that my clients hire to actually sit at defense table during trial, but Mark Carlson is one of them because his input during trial is so frequently valuable. If you are looking for an exceptional defense investigator to assist on your case I suggest you look no farther. Hire Mr. Carlson and you will see why he has earned a reputation among this state’s top defense attorneys as 'the very best'."  
- Christopher R. Decker, Newell & Decker, Criminal Defense Lawyers


"I've known Mark Carlson for several years in his previous career as a police detective. I've worked with him on many cases and can say he is the most thorough, professional, and detailed investigator I've used in my practice."
- Steven Barnes of Fossum, Mastro, Barnes & Stazzone, P.C.


"I have used Mark's services on many serious criminal matters and continue to do so. His experience as a detective and a private investigator have proven invaluable in many successfully defended cases. In fact, Mark's thorough investigations have been the basis of some serious cases getting outright dismissed."
- Jay Tiftickjian, The Tiftickjian Law Firm, P.C.


"We have to thank you for doing what seemed to be the impossible. With so little to go on, you found our man on the first try. You were so great at keeping us informed with daily updates. You are a true professional! If anyone should find themselves in a situation like ours, I hope they are lucky enough to have you help them. We can't thank you enough Mark for all you did for us."
- David and Ashley from Indiana


"Thank you again for finding her. I did speak to her today after thirty-two years. I appreciate your efforts and honesty for time spent and accountability."
- R.D. from Colorado


"Mark's prior work as a police officer has proven invaluable in assisting us with our civil litigation clients. He is thorough, detail oriented and does, with integrity, whatever it takes to get the job done."
- Irwin & Boesen, P.C.


"Mark Carlson gets the investigation done. No excuses, no last minute sloppy work. Mark actually works the case with you, interviews witnesses in a timely manner and provides precise written reports. Mark is available when you need him. He is reliable, responsive, and professional. He makes my job less stressful and that's why I use him to do my investigations."
- Chelsea Reiss, Esquire

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