Mark was a highly decorated police officer, detective, patrol sergeant and detective sergeant for 11 years at a metro Denver area department, until starting this business in 2006.

As a private investigator Mark spends a great deal of his time on criminal defense cases. Mark’s worked every type of case imaginable from domestic violence and DUI, to sexual assault, COCCA/RICO, and murder cases. Many attorneys have said they especially appreciate Mark’s viewpoint on criminal cases due to his previous career in law enforcement and his ability to not only find critical witnesses but to get them to speak with him.

Mark is very adept at understanding criminal cases and recognizing their strengths and weaknesses. He understands defense theories and what information is most critical from each witness. Because of his prior career (which included instructing new detectives) and his years of investigation experience, Mark can break down the quality of the police investigation, help find its weak points and work with the attorney to conduct the most thorough and targeted investigation possible.

Mark also provides services to attorneys in civil cases such as personal injury and wrongful death cases. Mark has worked cases involving home owners associations, apartment complexes, restaurants and businesses, car accidents and police use of force cases including those resulting in fatalities, to name a few.

Mark Carlson is a licensed private investigator in Texas.

Fully insured, Mark Carlson is licensed by the State of Texas (license#100982501), Carlson Investigation Services, LLC TX license #A16848201

cell: 303-619-4673

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